• Who We Are

    EAGLE Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. had a humble birth on the 27th November 1975, and since then it has grown from strength to strength. Its will to anticipate changes and to succeed in both the old and the new markets has been a powerful stimulus for its expansion thus far. During this short period, new businesses have been developed particularly in the areas of procurement, supply of qualities and services, apart emerges as one of the established trading company that deals with properties, equipment items for livestock’s, hardware products, M&E products apart contract manufacturing.

    Trained in the respective spheres of specialized skills, the directors and the shareholders of EAGLE are motivated largely by the re-structuring objective towards the need of the market demand for products under the marketing lists of the company.

    The decision of the directors and the shareholders today are to pool all the best possible resources of the shareholders-material and human, and to utilize them to the maximum possible in order to achiever their aspiration for the future.

    We are still striving to upgrade our sales products and its capacity to meet with the requirement of the demand in the market. This is to meet with the changing chain of demand in the market, and intends to gofor the international market. With the new of high technology made machinery equipment shall further dominate EAGLE products in the domestic in the domestic market, and at the hope that, the future to be at par as least with the establish branded similar products produced in other part of the globe.

    A readiness to anticipate change and growing with a futuristic vision of 2020, the strategic direction of Eagle Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is to continue its active involvement in wider areas of businesses and take up profitable opportunities. It is also the policy of the company to increase the proportion of the corporation’s business in products and services with high add-on values.

    Eagle Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is also now recognized for quality and excellent service. It is the company’s intention to become better at what it already does well, to be more complete in what it offers, be able to feel the pulse of its clients and immediate respond to their requirement.